Westminster Studios

Westminster Hall, Oxford Brookes University Harcourt Hill Campus, Botley, Oxford


  •  Location:  Harcourt Hill Campus
  •  Beds: 46 self-contained studio flats for couples
  •  Bathroom: private bathroom
  •  Contract: 38 week contract (some 50 week contracts available)
  •  Costs: £214.97 per week
  •  Facilities: shared laundry facilities
  •  Bicycle storage: bike storage
  •  Common room: common area
  •  Common room: TV room
  •  Leisure: gym and swimming pool next door
  •  Hall office: Yes

Westminster Studios are part of Westminster Hall which also houses 267 undergraduate, postgraduate and returning students.


Academic year 2022/23

Standard contracts

  • Studio flats: £214.97 per week for a 38 week contract. Some 50 week contracts are available for studio flats
Standard contracts for the 2022/23 academic year run from Saturday 17 September 2022.

What's included?

The price includes all of your utility bills, wired internet connection, basic contents insurance and inclusive travel on the BROOKESbus network (BROOKESkey account required). Wi-Fi is also provided across all Oxford Brookes sites. Partners living in the studios who are not also full-time students would not be eligible for the inclusive travel pass.

Studio flats are reserved for couples. Please note: if you will be bringing your partner but they are not going to be a full-time student (either because they are studying part-time or are not a student at all), they will be eligible to pay council tax. The full-time student will need to complete a council tax exemption form as your status as a student will affect how much council tax your household is charged. You may be charged more if you do not declare your status as a student.


Westminster Hall is on Harcourt Hill Campus, opposite the sports centre and very close to the teaching buildings. The sports centre on this site includes a swimming pool, 2 squash courts, fitness suite, football pitches and a 9 hole golf course. The site also has a common room, bar, chapel, library and 24 hour communal computer rooms.

It is connected via the U1 BROOKESBus service to our Headington and Wheatley campuses.

Address: Westminster Hall, Oxford Brookes University Harcourt Hill Campus, Botley, Oxford.

Postcode: The postcode varies depending on the block.

  • Blocks A & B: OX2 9GJ
  • Block C: OX2 9GL
  • Blocks K: OX2 9GR

Telephone: 01865 485403

In your room

  • double bed
  • desk and chair
  • reading lamp
  • wardrobe
  • curtains
  • pinboard
  • bed linen not provided
  • mirror
  • private bathroom
  • private kitchen

Bedding, bathroom and kitchen packs can be pre-ordered through UniKitOut to be delivered to your room before you arrive.

Virtual tour


Opening hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Friday: 9.30am to 4.00pm
  • Phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm