After your exams

  • Immediate

    No ID

    If you forgot your ID, follow the steps on the Forgotten ID page to get your Student Information pages unblocked.


    • If health issues affected your exam performance or attendance, you may be able to apply for exceptional circumstances.
    • For issues with alternative provision, contact your disability or dyslexia/SpLD adviser in Wellbeing.

    Conduct incidents

    • If you breached regulations, check your Brookes email account.


    • All non-confidential papers are available on RADAR following the exam session.
    • Check for lost property at the exams office.

    Long term


    • Results are published on the 'Records and Results' page in Student Information.
    • You will be registered to resit if your grade was less than 40 (RE or resit grade). This will be a capped resit (maximum grade is 40).
    • A DE or mitigation resit grade qualifies for an uncapped resit. You will receive an email with further explanation.
    • If you have any disciplinary incidents under investigation, you will have a DD grade.
    • You should have a ZE grade if you have successfully applied for a change of exam date.


    • The resits timetable is usually available within a week of results.
    • If you wish to take a Semester 2 resit off-site, apply before the deadline.