Before your exams

  • You may be emailed in the run up to exams, during exam sessions and after results. You should check your Brookes email regularly for any updates. You also should:

    By Week 3

    By Week 5 (if required)

    From Week 7

    • Monday – Exams Timetable published. Check your personal Google calendar and contact us if you have any missing, extra or clashing exams.
    • If required, apply for Taking your examinations off-site or apply for a  Change of exam date (exceptional circumstances only).

    Week 11

    • Alternative provision exam timetables (with rooms) are sent to your Brookes email address. 

    Health-related issues

    Illness or injury in the lead up to or during exams:

    • If this affects your performance, follow the link on the 'Record and Results' tab on PIP to the mitigating circumstances procedure.
    • Injury to writing arm. Bring medical evidence in advance to the exams office. We may be able to offer you the option to type the exam on a PC but this is not guaranteed.
    • Illness or injury that requires you to bring equipment or medication to the exam. Please complete the medical item registration form online if possible. Alternatively bring the items to the exam and speak to an invigilator before the exam who will give you a medical item registration form to complete.
    • If you have mobility limitations (eg on crutches), contact us in advance and if possible you can be seated near the door and provided with assistance.