Benefits Realisation Management

How we measure the benefits of projects and changes

Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) is the process we use to ensure that the improvements made as a result of an IT project or change, can be measured. These improvements can include physical items like new computer systems and software, or efficiency-related improvements like business process changes. Or often a combination of related, managed changes.

Why do we measure benefits?

Benefits realisation management forms part of a disciplined approach to project management.  Once benefits are identified before the start of a project it is more likely to ensure (and illustrate) that the investment of time and/or money does bring about the desired improvements.

How do we measure benefits?

Any positive change we make will have benefits that can be measured. Real measures are required eg a measure in the reduction of faults (backed up by performance data) rather than something vague eg 'the new system will be faster'. All benefits have to be owned and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure they are measured, over time.

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