• Lecture capture

      Lecture Capture

      Capture your lectures on film and share

  • Lecture Capture

    Record your lectures and publish them online to share with students and colleagues. You can also capture accompanying slides or other digital resources. 

    Zoom has been adopted for online teaching and Lecture Capture at Brookes. It is integrated with Moodle and with Panopto’s platform for storing and editing video. For information on using Zoom for teaching or recording lectures, please read All You Need To Know About Using Zoom (Brookes login required).

    Information and advice for students on using Zoom is available from the Centre for Academic Development (formerly Upgrade).

  • Please note that Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) was replaced with Zoom in September 2020. Zoom enables you to deliver online classes from any Brookes classroom, and to work from home or remote locations.