Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery

  • Meet students from our first ever cohort in 2017

    Sally Bassett

    Thesis title: How Chief Nurses and their colleagues perceive the success of the Chief Nurse leadership role


    "My project aims to contribute to understanding perceptions of successful leadership. It aims to inform the future role preparation to help improve the compassionate and safe care that patients receive in the NHS."

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "I really value having the time to think about my subject area in depth. The extensive reading around my subject area, being part of a motivated learning community, and being inspired by the tutors and colleagues makes this a very special experience. The professional doctorate offers a very tailored approach. It acknowledges that you are already an expert in your field. There is support in all areas of your development, the tutors really believe in you which gives you confidence to carry on!"

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    Maxmiller “Maxine” Buyanga

    Thesis title: How do organisational and social contexts influence mealtimes on wards caring for the older person aged 65 years and above?

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "I am passionate about evidence based practice, quality improvement and generating nursing based solutions to nursing problems. I felt the DNURs will give me the skills to influence these passions. I have studied with Oxford Brookes previously at MSc level and the supervision I received then was one aspect that attracted me to study the DNURs programme with the university. The idea of a cohort was quite appealing as it provided contact with like-minded colleagues."

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    Angela Bygrave Griffiths

    Thesis title: Does a raised body mass index influence patient’s quality of life, symptoms and experiences following catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation?


    "My research aims to explore if body mass index affects quality of life, symptoms and patient experience following catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation."

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "The taught component of the professional doctorate in nursing has been really useful to get into the mindset and develop the skill to be a researcher. Stretching my intellect and cohort support are the two main benefits of this programme."

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    Karen Lascelles

    Thesis title: Experiences and Support Needs of Adult Carers of Adults at Risk of Suicide: A Mixed Methods Doctoral Research Study


    "My research seeks to know and understand the experiences and support needs of adults who provide unpaid informal care to another adult (family member, friend, significant other) whom they consider to be at risk of suicide."

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "I was attracted to the part time nature of the prof doc programme. I enjoy the learning, the thinking, the discourse, being with my peers and tutors and the challenge of studying a higher degree."

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    Lucy Speakman

    Thesis title: An exploration of the experiences of community respiratory nurses supporting patients who are breathless


    "My special interest is in end of life care; holistically supporting patients and their families facing challenging symptoms like refractory breathlessness. My research project aims to explore the nature of the support provided by CRNS to patients with difficult breathing."

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "I feel this professional doctorate has enhanced the clinical care I give to patients because I am more reflective and considered when approaching my role. "

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    Elaine Strachan-Hall

    Thesis title: Robots in Nursing: False Rhetoric or Future Reality?


    "My study will ask both frontline nurses and chief nurses to consider what the role of robots could and should be in the future."

    Experience on the DNurs programme

    "I entered the Professional Doctorate in Nursing programme with a deep drive to make a tangible difference to patients through the profession I’m proud to be part of: nursing. I have found myself describing this programme as a transformative experience. It’s certainly one that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to really discover for themselves the unique essence of nursing with the bonus chance to explore a new career as a nurse researcher."

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