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This page is for Oxford Brookes University staff. Its purpose is to explain internal processes to staff members. It was moved into its current location on the website in Autumn 2022.

Page content is being revised to reflect the move to the new Research, Innovation and Enterprise Directorate.

We provide a wide range of services which include:

  • Guidance on costs for research grant applications;
  • Ways to maximise cost recovery from grants;
  • Provide information on meeting the requirements of funding bodies;
  • Provide advice on possible funding sources;
  • Confirmation as to whether bids are able to go forward to gain University approval (i.e. signature by the authorised personnel in the University's Senior Management Team);
  • Assistance with contracts for successful awards, in conjunction with Legal Services;
  • Negotiation prior to submitting collaborative bids;
  • Materials transfer;
  • Identification and protection of Intellectual Property;
  • Guidance on ethics approval for research undertaken by staff and research students that involves human participants, data or material.

The research support office will advise and assist with the drawing up of any research grant application and takes all applications through the University approval process. This latter stage involves checking that the bid meets the requirements of the funder and that the costings are correct and appropriate. Once these checks have been completed, and the Office has received confirmation from the sponsoring faculty that it supports the bid, the Office will then seek the appropriate University signatures. Once these have been secured, the bid will be returned to the faculty for mailing. The sooner the Office is given notification of a bid the sooner it can provide support!

In addition...

The University has purchased a Current Research Information System (CRIS) called Converis to store and manage details of research undertaken at Oxford Brookes.

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The research support office, led by Sarah Taylor, is part of the Research and Business Development Office, within the Directorate of Finance and Legal Services. We are based in the Buckley Building, Room BCK1.03. 

Name Activity Covered
Paul Carolan Post award processes
Jennie Cripps Researcher development and training
Kevin Henderson Research and Consultancy contracts and Post-award Team Manager
Gareth Preston Research funded by the EU and funding in the areas covered by Oxford Brookes Business School
Steven Radley Research primarily funded by charities and Pre-award Team Manager
Tudor Georgescu
Director of Research Support; Research primarily funded by research councils
Lorraine Williams Research primarily funded by the EU
Cristina Sandin-Catacora
Research and consultancy contracts
Robyn Curtis Research ethics
Ruzena Zemanova (currently on maternity leave) Research support primarily in health and related academic disciplines