Open Research at Brookes

Amongst the resources on Research Integrity that Oxford Brookes supplies as guidance for staff are statements on Open Access, Open Data, and Open Methods. This includes Brookes’ statement on Transparency in research and its policy on open access. We also have a policy on data management, in line with the concordat on open research data.

Brookes is part of Universities UK and the University Alliance, and either through these affiliations or directly works in with a number of relevant concordats, including the

  • Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research

  • Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

  • UK Concordat for the Support of Research Integrity

It is also a signatory to other national and international declarations including the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), the Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics.

The committee most directly involved in organisational governance in this area is the Committee for Research Integrity & Governance. Brookes regularly publishes updated reflections on research integrity, coauthored by Professor Linda King, PVC for Research and Global Partnerships. Key tenets are published as the Academic Integrity Code of Practice, including guidance for researchers “to be as open and objective as possible in discussing their work with other researchers and with the public.” The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) is responsible for oversight of research involving human participants.

Current tools and systems include RADAR, the Research And Digital Assets Repository, for most papers and research data; and the Arkivum service for digital archiving of data sets of particular interest.

Training personnel report to the University Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC), the Research Degrees Committee, and the Learning Resources Leadership Team. At Brookes, committees are typically places where information is shared rather than information is created. Decisions are made by small groups of people outside of those meetings. The key contact person regarding training is Susan Brooks, Director of Researcher Development.

Training resources are available to people from across the university, and materials are accessible upon sign-up. A list of upcoming training events is available via the Brookes Intranet. There are some pre-recorded materials which will be sent out to attendees in advance of the in-person component, though these are not typically available to non-attendees.

Role descriptions and promotion criteria are available publicly, and although open research is not explicitly described within these criteria, impacts associated with open research could be woven into the narrative. A review of the criteria is ongoing.