• Please find below a list of common questions and answers from students about exams. If you cannot find the answer to a question below, then please email the Exams Team on exams@brookes.ac.uk.

  • The exam session dates are available on the exam timetable and key dates page.

    Your exam dates, times and rooms will be published on your personal Google Calendar before the exams.

    To record your alternative provision needs, you will need to be registered with Wellbeing to qualify for any allowances.

    See the alternative provision page for more information.

    The date and time of the exam will be available on the exam timetable publication date. Students with approved alternative provision will have their correct exam date, time, length and room added to their personal Google Calendar by Week 11. 

    If you haven't received any information, then please contact the Exams Team.

    See the alternative provision page for more information.

    Visit Student Central with your student card and they will be able to unblock it.

    For more information, see the forgotten ID page.

    No. Students must not bring their own calculators to an exam.

    If you require a calculator for the exam, then a Brookes calculator will be provided on your desk.

    See Before your exams for more information.

    No. Brookes does not permit the use of any dictionaries in examinations.

    See Before your exams for more information about what you can and can't take into an exam.

    Students can apply to take an examination off-site.

    You must complete the online application form and pay the fee before the deadline.

    Students can apply for a change of exam date for the following reasons only:

    1. Military service
    2. Representing Oxford Brookes University or their nation in an international sporting event
    3. Religious observance
    4. Voluntary or paid work related to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic
    5. Similar activities undertaken by a dependent of the student for which there is a demonstrable support requirement on the student.

    You should complete the online form found on the Change of exam date webpage before the deadline, providing supporting evidence for your request.

    If you are ill or injured at the time of your exam, you can apply for exceptional circumstances. It is not guaranteed that you will be granted exceptional circumstances unless you have good evidence or reason to be allowed to resit your exam.

    See Problems affecting your exams for more information.

    If you miss an exam due to sickness or injury, then you should obtain medical evidence and apply for exceptional circumstances.

    If you miss an exam due to a bereavement or another personal issue, then you should obtain suitable evidence and apply for exceptional circumstances.

    If you miss an exam without a good reason, then you will get a zero mark for the examination. Please make sure you know the dates, times and locations of all your examinations and allow plenty of time to travel.

    You can be admitted into an exam up to one hour after the official start time. You will have to finish at the normal end time for the examination.

    You will not be admitted to an exam after the first hour.

    For general queries about marks, please contact your Module Leader. If you want to appeal your marks, please see the Academic appeals page.
    Please see our Privacy notice for information about how your personal data is stored and used.