• Student Support Coordinators

    The Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment provides an academic and personal support framework for all students. We are the first point of contact for any students with academic or personal problems.

    We are Catherine Foley, Sam Varney, Emma Curran and Marta Solsona: Student Support Coordinators for the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment. We are the first point of contact for any students with academic or personal problems. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it may help to talk to someone not connected to your studies. If we can't resolve the issue, we will make sure we put you in touch with the right person to help you. We can also assist you with your PIP with regard to module addition and deletions, resolving errors, changing subjects, accessing timetables, handbooks, exam schedules and module results.

  • Architecture, Planning, Real Estate and Construction

    Emma Curran, Marta Solsona  
    Telephone:  +44 (0) 1865 48 3357, +44 (0) 1865 48 3531
    Email: studentsupport-arch-be@brookes.ac.uk 

    AB1.03, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus
    Monday–Thursday: 08:00–16:00
    Friday: 08:00–18:00

    Engineering Computing and Mathematics

    Sam Varney
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 48 4512
    Email: studentsupport-ecm@brookes.ac.uk  

    R1.13, R-Block, Wheatley Campus                
    Monday–Friday: 11:00–16:30 

    Arts (Art & Design, Film & Digital Media, Graphic Design, Music, Photography, Publishing) 

    Catherine Foley
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 48 3790
    Email: studentsupport-arts@brookes.ac.uk 

    AB1.03, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus  
    Monday–Tuesday: 10:00–12:00 
    Thursday–Friday: 10:00–12:00  


    If your question is not listed below or you would like additional information please email us or come and see us at anytime.