Dr Michele Paule

  • Michele Paule is Senior Lecturer in Culture, Media and Education, School of History, Philosophy and Culture, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Her research interests focus on gender and youth in educational and media contexts, particularly issues relating to girlhood and power. She is currently investigating girls' imaginings of leadership in transnational and local contexts. Her doctoral study explored 'successful girl' discourses across online, school, and television settings. Before moving to Brookes Michele had a career in the Secondary education sector. She has led development and delivery of national educational programmes with regard to widening participation. She was also a Lettrice at the University of Bari in Italy. Michele undertakes a range of consultancy work with schools, NGOs and governments with a focus on gender, equalities, and youth/media cultures. She has a strong commitent to widening participation in HE, and in the teaching/research nexus. She has held both ASKE and CETL teaching fellowships.