Lucy Vickers

  • Professor of Law, Oxford Brookes University

    Professor Lucy Vickers studied law at Queens' College, Cambridge, and qualified as a solicitor before joining the Law Department at Oxford Brookes University. Her main research area is the protection of human rights within the workplace. In particular she focuses on religious discrimination at work and age equality. In addition she works on freedom of speech at work, including protection for whistleblowing, and the right to freedom of speech under the European Convention on Human Rights. 


    • Criminal Law
    • Equality Law
    • International Labour Law


    Lucy Vickers’ main research area is the protection of human rights within the workplace and aspects of equality law. She has written extensively on issues relating to harassment at work, religious discrimination and age discrimination. She is the author of Freedom Of Speech and Employment (2002) OUP, and Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace (2008) Hart Publishing, a report for the European Commission on Religion and Belief Discrimination in Employment – The EU Law (2007), and a review for the EHRC of equality and human rights law relating to religion or belief (Report 57, EHRC, 2015, written with Professor Edge).

    Her full staff profile is available here

    Key Publications

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