Peter Edge

  • Centre Advisory Group

    Professor of Law

    Professor Peter Edge specializes in the study of the interaction of law and religion, both in the UK and in a transnational context. His work examines both religious equality, and the interaction of equality law with religion more generally. This included the commissioned Review of the interpretation and effectiveness of equality and human rights law relating to religion or belief, £30K, EHRC, 2014-2015 (with Vickers and Manfredi).

    Recent publications:

    “Let’s talk about a divorce: Religious and legal wedding”, in Miles et al (eds), Marriage Rites and Rights, Hart, (2015).

    “Judicial crafting of a ministerial exception: The UK experience”, (2015) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 4(2), 244-259.

    “Believer beware: The challenges of commercial religion”, (2013) Legal Studies 33(3), 382-406. doi: 10.1111/j.1748-121X.2012.00252.x.

    “Determining Religion in 21st Century England and Wales” [2012] Oxford Journal of Law and Religion (1)2, 1-24.

    “Including Religion: Reflections on Legal, Religious and Social Implications of the Developing Ceremonial Law of Marriage and Civil Partnership”, (2011) 26(1) Journal of Contemporary Religion 19. (with Corrywright).