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  • AMBA Accredited

    Accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) is widely recognised as the global standard for MBA programmes.

    AMBA accreditation means that our MBA programme has been assessed and approved against the following criteria:

    • The institution shall have a clear sense of mission, a well-identified target population and a developed sense of the market for its programmes
    • The faculty should be of a requisite size and appropriately positioned to fully resource the activities of the school; it should be credible in terms of academic qualifications, ability to teach at postgraduate level, quality of research, and the extent of business contacts and consultancy activities
    • Evidence is required to illustrate rigour in standards for admission, which must include work experience as well as academic criteria
    • The curriculum should be generalist in nature and must cover core business skills
    • All elements of the course shall be formally assessed
    • In addition, factors such as the availability of language teaching, library and computer facilities and international contacts

    All our students become AMBA members. This membership provides a suite of careers, networking and knowledge services, linking together students and alumni from other AMBA-accredited business schools. Graduating from our programme does not mean ceasing to become a member; the individual AMBA membership continues in perpetuity for Oxford Brookes Global MBA alumni.