Oxford Brookes Business School

EFMD Accreditation

  • AMBA Accredited

    The Oxford Brookes Global MBA is accredited by The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). It has been awarded the maximum five-year accreditation.

    EFMD evaluates the quality of business and management programmes with an international perspective.

    EFMD accreditation is about excellence and continuous quality improvement linked to the strategy, vision and leadership of the Business School. It is forward looking and helps the school to set a quality agenda for the future.

    Achieving the five-year EFMD accreditation means that the Oxford Brookes Global MBA has independently been assessed on the criteria of how integral the MBA programme is to the Business School, the programme design, delivery and operations, the programme outcomes and the quality assurance.

    The process involves an in-depth review of the MBA programme through international comparison and benchmarking. The process considers a wide range of programme aspects including:

    • The market positioning of the programme nationally and internationally

    • The strategic position of the programme within its institution

    • The design process including assessment of stakeholder requirements – particularly students and employers

    • The programme objectives and intended learning outcomes

    • The curriculum content and delivery system

    • The extent to which the programme has an international focus and a balance between academic and managerial dimensions

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