• Tuition fees for undergraduate courses for UK students are given below for each type of course. The fees given are for the 2021/22 academic years. Please note tuition fees may increase in subsequent years both for new and continuing students in line with an inflationary amount determined by the government. Oxford Brookes University intends to maintain its fees for new and returning Home / UK students at the maximum permitted level .

    Specific fee information for each course can be found on the course pages of our website. Search for your chosen course.

  • Tuition fees for undergraduate degree courses have been set as follows:

    (a) when studied at Oxford Brookes

     Tuition fees  2021-22
    Full-time student (course fee)  £9,250 
    Part-time study (per module unit fee)  £1,155 


    * for new students starting studies from September 2020.  The tuition fee for continuing students in 2020-21 is £750 per unit.

    (b) when studied at one of our partner colleges:

    Tuition fees 2020-21 
    Full-time student £7,570 
    Part-time study £3,785 

    Fees for new and continuing students studying for a foundation degree with one of our partner colleges are as follows:

    Course fees 2021-22 
    Full-time study (course fee) £7,570
    Part-time study (course fee)        £5,045


    On completion of the degree, students will then have the option to top up to a full bachelor's degree by carrying out just one year's further study. Tuition fees for this year are set out in paragraph 1. 

    Modular course fees   2021-22
    Full-time study (full year)   £9,250
    Full-time study (cost for one semester)   £4,625
    Part-time study (per module unit fee)   £1,155


    If you take a work-placement for a full year you will be charged a reduced fee. You will be charged the work-placement fee applicable to the academic year in which you take your placement. As a guide, fees for these periods undertaken during the 2021-22 academic year will be £1,500.

    If you are take a work placement for one semester of a full year's study, the full-year fees are £9,250.

    Further information on Erasmus study can be found here.

    Full-time tuition fees enable you to take up to 8 module units during an academic year. If you take more than 8 modules you will be charged for each additional single module that you register.

    Some courses have double modules, which will count as two.

    Part-time study enables you to take up to 5 modules in an academic year. Studying more than 5 modules would register you as a full-time student and would incur the full-time tuition fee.

    Further information about additional module fees can be found here

    You don't have to pay for your tuition fees up front. The government provides loans to cover your full tuition charges.

    For more information about tuition fee loans and other funding please see our financial support pages.

    To apply for a tuition fee loan please contact Student Finance England. The application cycle for 2021/22 is open, applications should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure your funding is in place before starting your degree.

    If you would prefer not to take out a tuition fee loan you do have the option of paying your tuition fees directly to the University.

    For information on the processes followed by the University in the event of monies being overdue, please see our Student Debt Policy.

    Our tuition fees cover the cost of delivering your course, and are payable annually. Full-time undergraduate students can study 8 module credits a year. There is an charge for any additional modules taken.

    Further costs may be incurred by you, including:

    • equipment and core text books
    • bench fees and consumables
    • DBS checks
    • printing
    • uniform or protective clothing
    • contributions to subsistence, travel and accommodation costs for mandatory field trips or work placements and, where these involve overseas travel, health and public liability insurance
    • professional body membership fees
    • optional graduation related costs such as gown hire, guest tickets, official photographs.

    Many courses include optional field trips and work placements, where participation is encouraged but not required to evidence module or programme learning outcomes and will not disadvantage you should you not be able to take part. These optional activities are at additional cost to you.

    Your annual tuition fees will cover your first attempt at all the modules necessary to complete that academic year of your programme. Additional modules, or retakes, may incur an extra charge.

    For additional information, please see the individual course page, or contact us.