Online enrolment

From 5 January Oxford Brookes will begin to send out enrolment emails. Please note if you are a Global Banking School (GBS) student you will receive these emails from 6 February. 

Provided you have an unconditional offer, we will send you two emails:

  • one with your User ID (student number)
  • one with a link you will need to use to create your password.

Please note that the link in the second email only lasts for 48 hours, but you can request a new one if yours expires.

We will continue to send emails in batches as more students become unconditional. Please check the emails have not gone into your spam folder. If you are having issues with your online enrolment, please see the FAQ section below for how to contact the Online Enrolment Team.

Students must complete enrolment by the following deadlines:
  • Full-time students: Friday 10 February 2023
  • Part-time students: Friday 17 February 2023
  • Global Banking School (GBS) students: Monday 6 March 2023.

Step 1: User ID and password

You will need your User ID and password to complete online enrolment. Your User ID is your student number.

If you have previously studied at Oxford Brookes you will have an existing User ID (student number) already. You won't receive the above emails from the University. Instead, you will use your existing User ID and password to login and enrol.

Need help?

I studied at Brookes previously but I can't remember my User ID

Retrieve your Brookes User ID by entering your personal email address that is linked to your Brookes account.

The link to create my password has expired

Each link to create a password only lasts 48 hours. If you weren't able to use yours in time, you can request a new password link.

I had a password but I've forgotten it

You can reset your password by entering your User ID (student number) or the personal email address that is linked to your Brookes account. An email to reset your password will be sent to your personal email linked to your Brookes account.

If you need to update your personal email address you can do this via UCAS or by emailing if you are a new student or on your Student Information if you are a current student.

I'm having technical problems finding my User ID or setting/resetting my password

Please contact the Induction Team for support.

Step 2: Online enrolment

Once you have access to your User ID (student number) and password, you can start your online enrolment in the Student Information portal.

Important: You can pay your fees after you complete your enrolment. Please go to the ‘My Accounts’ section of your Student Information where you can pay by credit or debit card. The deadline for paying your fees is 30 January 2023.

Step 3: Right to Study checks

If you are not a UK national, you will also need to complete your Right to Study checks to be fully enrolled. Please read important information on the Right to Study checks.


If you are having any difficulties with your enrolment or have a question that isn't answered here, please contact the Online Enrolment Team.

Can I complete online enrolment using my mobile phone?

We recommend you complete enrolment on a laptop or desktop computer.

My offer has been made unconditional firm today, can I enrol yet?

It takes a few days after you've been confirmed as unconditional for us to create your records in all the University systems. 

If you are new to Oxford Brookes, the University will send you two emails. The second email will be sent 24 hours after the first email. After 5 days, if you still haven't received the emails with your credentials and you do have an unconditional offer, then please contact the enrolment team.

What do I do if I am having issues with my password?

The second email you receive will contain a link which you must use to create your password. This link will only remain active for 48 hours. If you have any issues with your password, please follow the advice on this page under 'Step 1: User ID and password' or contact the Induction or Enrolment Teams.

How do I upload my photo during online enrolment?

All new students must upload a recent passport-style ID photo as part of the online enrolment process. We can only accept passport-style ID photos that are used for ID purposes. The uploaded photo will appear on your student profile and student card.

Photo upload works best if you are using:

  • a Chrome browser 
  • a desktop or laptop computer.

Please contact the enrolment team if you are having issues with uploading your photo.

What is a 'preferred name'?

When you enrol, you will be asked to enter a 'preferred name'. This is the first name you would like people to use when they refer to you. Whatever you enter here will appear as your first name on your student card and on the Google@Brookes services. It does not have to be your full first name - it can be a nickname or shortened version. Your student card will be printed with your preferred name and surname.

Note: please do not include your surname/family name in the 'preferred name' field or it will appear twice. If a student named John Smith put their preferred name as 'John Smith', their student card would then be printed with the name 'John Smith Smith'.

I can't find my qualifications in the drop-down list

We only record UK qualifications which students have achieved between the ages of 16-18 (Level 3) and so any other qualifications will not appear in the drop-down list.

You need to untick the box for 'more qualifications' and then you will be able to proceed with your enrolment.

How do I update my address in Student Information?

Watch the how to update your address video to see what you need to do.

How will I know if I am fully enrolled?

Students who are subject to immigration control will see a message saying that enrolment is pending because of Right to Study checks. Information on how to complete these checks can be found on the Right to Study check webpage.

All other students will see the following message in their Student Information: 'Online enrolment is complete'. This confirms you are fully enrolled.

Will I need a photo ID to enrol?

You will not have to show any photo ID for online enrolment.

How do I get an attendance letter (proof of enrolment)?

Financial FAQs

If you have any queries about your tuition fees, please contact the finance team:

What period does my fee payment cover?

It covers fees for the academic year ahead.

Where and when can I pay my tuition fees? When are they due?

You can pay for your fees after you complete your enrolment. Please go to your ‘My Accounts’ area in Student Information, where you can pay by credit/debit card. 

The deadline for paying your fees is 30 January 2023.

Can I pay my tuition fees in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in termly instalments. Your tuition fees are broken down in this manner on your 'Accounts Summary' page.

Can you hold my credit/debit card details and take payment automatically?

We can't hold your details but we will remind you when your payment is due. You can log onto 'My Accounts' in Student Information to make your payment.

Enrolment doesn't let me tell you who is paying my fees

You will be able to see the information we have already about your funding on the relevant page of your online enrolment. If this is correct, you don’t need to provide any further information.

If you are concerned the information we hold about your funding is incorrect, please contact the finance team.

My parents or a family member are paying my tuition fees. Do I enter their details as a sponsor?

No. If your parents or a family member is paying, you are still considered to be self financing.

Only organisations (such as employers, charities, embassies etc.) are classified as sponsors. We will send these sponsors an official invoice to pay the full fee.

After you have completed enrolment, your parents or family member can pay your fees in instalments at:

Please make sure that they quote your name and student number (your username) so that we can recognise the payment is for your fees.

When is my sponsor going to receive an invoice from you for my tuition fees?

We raise invoices to sponsors for tuition fees by:

  • March in Semester 2 
  • November if you are enrolling in Semester 1.

I think the tuition fee quoted on the accounts summary page is incorrect. What should I do?

Check the left-hand box to see the course and mode of study you are registered on. If any of this information is incorrect:

If the course and mode of study information is correct but the fee is not correct, please contact the finance team at

I have fees to pay but they were not visible on the account summary page.

If you think you should be paying a fee and it does not appear, please contact the finance team. Please note that finance details will not show at all if you study a zero fees programme.

Why haven't I received my maintenance loan from the Student Loan Company?

You must first have completed your online enrolment.

Once you have done this, we will be able to advise the Student Loans Company when to release your maintenance payment. If you have any questions about receipt of your maintenance loan and you have already enrolled please contact