At Oxford Brookes University we are committed to building an inclusive, safe and respectful culture both on and off campus, and we expect everyone in our community to play their part.

Consent is a topic that affects everyone. It's important to understand consent and feel confident applying it, so we can keep ourselves and other people safe.

Consent matters.

That’s why, as a student at Oxford Brookes, you’ll need to complete the sexual consent education course at the beginning of each academic year. 

This course supports you to:

  • talk about consent with partners
  • understand the gender norms, stereotypes and cultural factors which may affect someone's ability to consent, as well as what the law says
  • know what to do if you or a friend experiences harassment or violence.

We do understand that this can be a sensitive topic. If you are likely to be distressed by the content or are worried about completing the modules, you can get specialist support or opt out of taking the course.

Once you have successfully completed your online enrolment you can log in to Moodle to access the course. Please contact the enrolment team if you need help with enrolment.

For more information about consent at Brookes and to get started on the course, go to our dedicated sexual consent education webpage for students.

If you have any questions or concerns about taking the consent course, or wish to access specialist support, email the Consent Team at