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  • Academic Advising

    This online resource signposts the various sources of advice and guidance available at the University to support students.

    downloadable leaflet for staff summarises the role and purpose of Academic Advisers in the academic guidance framework. There is an accompanying leaflet for students, which you are invited to circulate amongst your students. 

    The information on this staff site is to help you as an Academic Adviser, or in a similar advisory role, to work within the University's Academic Guidance Framework so that you provide your students with the best possible guidance in their academic and personal development. Student Central offers information and guidance for students directly.
  • What do you need to do on a more practical level as an Academic Adviser? How many meetings with your advisees, one-to-one or in a group, at a distance or face-to-face, and what type of conversations should you be having? How does academic advising relate to the development of graduate attributes?