Exam paper preparation

  • At the beginning of each semester, Module Leaders are contacted to confirm the requirements for their exam(s), e.g. exam length, additional materials, use of calculators, multiple choice and timetabling requests. The deadline to respond is the Friday of week 3.


    See the key dates page for exam paper submission and sign-off deadlines.


    1. Download and complete the appropriate Microsoft Word template (below). The exam paper should be saved as a PDF and shared with registry-submissions@brookes.ac.uk via Google Drive (note: also save a local Microsoft Word copy in case any corrections are needed).
    2. The paper is then checked by the Exams Team to ensure it conforms to formatting requirements and avoids any potential confusion.
    3. If any amendments are required, you will be asked to make the necessary changes and resubmit.
    4. Once approved, the Module Leader will be asked to sign off the exam paper as final and provide contact details (usually at the Headington office).

    Writing your exam paper

    Refer to the Examination paper preparation guide and Sample examination paper to help you complete and submit your exam paper using the appropriate Microsoft Word template (see below):

    UMP and PG templates Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) templates
    Semester 1 Term 1
    Semester 1 multiple choice Term 1 Resit
    Semester 1 Resit Term 2
    Semester 1 Resit multiple choice Term 2 Resit
    Semester 2 Term 3
    Semester 2 multiple choice Term 3 Resit
    Semester 2 Resit
    Semester 2 Resit multiple choice

    Variations to Academic Conduct regulations - Online examinations

    Please complete this form and return it to exams@brookes.ac.uk to indicate any variations to the Academic Conduct regulations for your online examination.

    Multiple choice exams

    See the guide to submitting an MCAS master and Example MCAS sheet if your exam is multiple choice - the Exams Team require a 'master' copy to mark the exam in-house:

    • You will be sent a blank Multiple Choice Answer Sheet (MCAS) and MCAS Form via internal mail.
    • To ensure confidentiality, return both by hand to Exams.

    We can also mark multiple choice class tests at a modest charge to your faculty.