Section 2: Qualifications recognised for credit/transferable credit value

  • Points to note:

    • Only qualifications certificated at level 4, 5 and 6 should be considered for transfer to an undergraduate award. Credit at level 7 cannot be transferred to an undergraduate award. If the learning outcomes of a module have been met by previous study at level 7 an exemption may be appropriate (see Section 4 - Exemptions). The exceptions to this are the Oxford Brookes MSc Healthcare courses (Adult Nursing and Midwifery) where an exceptional agreement is in place for students to transfer from the MSc to the BSc by prior agreement. Please seek advice from Programme Support before making an offer.
    • Credit at level 4, 5 and 6 should be transferred into the same level at which it was awarded however, Subject Co-ordinators when completing an M103 may use their academic judgement to credit modules at a lower level than that at which they were attained. This discretion may only be applied where the award of credit in this manner would not unfairly advantage a student, e.g. where marks and credit were being transferred together and the dropping of a level would remove the mark from a student’s degree classification calculation.
    • Credit more than 10 years old needs exceptional consideration particularly where it relates to Stage II (see UMP Regulation
    • If a credit entry student is applying to study part-time or has accumulated credit over an extensive period, their application needs careful consideration in view of the 8 year time limit on most Brookes awards. Please check they have enough time to complete their course. Please be aware that periods of temporary withdrawal and semesters disregarded due to mitigating circumstances count towards the maximum time allowed. Please seek advice from Programme Support if you are unsure.
    • You cannot round up points to accommodate differences between institutions’ module sizes (see Section 4 - Exemptions).
    • Usually applicants will apply for entry to a particular year based on the amount of credit they have achieved under their previous registration. It is not uncommon for students to ‘forfeit’ credit when they transfer because some of the credit is not relevant or acceptable to their new course.
    • Do not award ‘un-usable’ credit that will not contribute to the requirements of the award at Brookes, as this can mislead students about what they need to complete to meet the requirements of their award. For example, surplus level 4 credit particularly if there are outstanding level 4 credits to be completed or advanced credit that is not acceptable or surplus acceptable credit is for all practical purposes ‘un-usable’.
    • A maximum of two honours module credits can be credited.
    • Students being admitted to Stage II having already studied on a similar course should have ‘acceptable’ fails as well as ‘acceptable’ passes transferred as “The 22 Rule” will apply, see UMP Regulation B2.7vi
    • Student’s re-starting a course at year 1 after failure are normally not awarded any credit but should be awarded Exemptions (see Section 4 - Exemptions).
    • Students who are transferring credit from a completed Honours Degree into a second degree, can only transfer level 4 credit from their first year and should NOT be awarded credit that will count towards Stage II of the second award (see Section 4 - Exemptions).
    • Students being re-admitted onto a Foundation Diploma should have both failed and passed credit transferred from their previous registration. Foundation Diploma students have a maximum time limit of two years to complete their course, time spent on a previous Foundation registration should be deducted from the two year time limit. It is therefore important to ensure that the student can complete the minimum requirement of 6 acceptable module credits on their new registration within the time remaining. Foundation credit can be entered in Section 3a of the M103 form, please annotate accordingly.

    How to list qualifications recognised for credit:

    Section 2a – Qualification recognised for credit

    • List separate qualifications on separate lines, giving details of the year each was started and finished, a short title and which institution awarded it.

    Section 2b – Transferable credit value

    • Under ‘Total credit earned from previous qualifications’: State the total credit value of each qualification listed at each level.
    • Under ‘Credit transferred to Brookes registration’: State the total value of the credit being transferred to the Brookes registration. Please note that the transferred credit value must never exceed the amount of credit earned from previous qualifications.
    • A maximum of two honours module credits can be credited.