Fees for additional modules - international students

  • Annual course fees are listed on individual course pages. Where additional modules (more than 8 module units) are taken during an Academic Year the fee is set out below.

    Cost per unit module

    Band 2019-20 2020-21
    Band 1 £1,670 £1,735
    Band 2 £1,700 £1,760
    Band 3 £1,775 £1,850

    There course bands are as follows:

    • Band 1: This band includes all courses not described by the terms of Band 2 or Band 3, as described below;
    • Band 2: Courses provided by the Business Faculty; and
    • Band 3: Laboratory and Workshop-based Courses. these include all courses run by the Faculties of Health & Life Sciences, and Technology, Design & Environment [except Mathematics and Statistics, which are Band 1].
  • Free Language Module

    Students may add one language module credit for no extra fee. See the free languages webpage for a list of modules you may study for no extra cost 

    The following Academic English modules may also be studied for no extra fee (one module credit per year only):

    • U70906 Academic Listening and Speaking
    • U70909 Essential Academic Writing Skills for International Students
    • U70910 Academic Writing for Business
    • U70924 Higher Academic English Language Skills
    • U70923 Academic English for Business Purposes
    Please note only one module credit per academic year may be studied for free.