Your course induction

An introduction to your course and how you'll learn at Oxford Brookes University.

During your induction week, most courses will have their own programme of events that you must attend. This is your opportunity to get to know other students on your course and meet your teaching staff. Most of these induction events will be on campus but there may be additional online events that you will need to attend or watch. Make sure to find your course induction schedule so you know where you need to be.

If you will be doing any of the following, please refer further down this page for more information on how induction will work for you.

  • studying part-time
  • taking some modules but not a full degree (associate student)
  • studying for a degree as a distance-learner
  • studying two subjects (combined honours).

Courses with early inductions

Some courses start their inductions earlier than the main Induction Week. These include some education, healthcare and foundation art courses.

Induction information for students on alternative modes of study

Part-time students

Part-time degree students are welcome to join the appropriate induction for their course/module. Please note it is not compulsory for you to attend these induction events as we appreciate some part-time students have other working commitments. Some part-time students studying in Health Care will have an induction as part of their first teaching session and your course will be in contact with you about this.

Associate students

An associate student is a student who is studying one or two modules but is not registered for a university award (certificate, diploma or degree). Associate students are welcome to join their course's induction activities.

Distance-learning students

If you are studying on an online/distance learning course, you should complete online enrolment but you are not expected to come to Oxford Brookes, unless your course contacts you. Your course will be in contact with all the details you need for your study programme.

Joint honours students

If you are studying two subjects (joint honours), you will need to choose to follow the induction schedule for one of your subjects. However, you will need to attend the subject meetings for both subjects and these will be listed on the individual course schedules.

Events for all students

There are lots of additional, optional events happening over Induction Week and Semester 1. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in any of these sessions. Take a look at the events calendar to see what interests you.