Your course induction

An introduction to your course and how you'll learn at Brookes.

Please click on the relevant box below and follow the links to find your course induction schedule. Induction activities will be face-to-face and online. You will need to click on the links on your schedule to access recordings or enter a live online event.

  • All links will be live on Wednesday 1 September in time for Induction Week (13 - 17 September). 
  • If your course starts before 1 September, you will see live links on your schedule. 
  • Most online events will use Google Meet or Zoom.
  • Distance learning courses: If you are studying on an online/distance learning course, you should complete online enrolment but you are not expected to come to Brookes, unless your course contacts you. Your course will be in contact with all the details you need for your study programme.