Shortlisting candidates

  • Shortlisting should be undertaken as soon as possible after the closing date, bearing in mind the timetable agreed at the beginning of the process. The recruiting manager should ensure sufficient time is allowed to carry out the shortlisting so as to give due consideration to each application.
  • It is recommended that at least two members of the panel (normally the recruiting manager, plus one other) review the applications in isolation to produce their own short-list of applications. Those panel members then meet as a panel to decide the final shortlist.
  • Applications should be short-listed /not short-listed on the basis of those criteria which can be assessed via the application form - these criteria will have already be clearly defined in the Person Specification prior to advert.
  • Those selected for interview must meet all the essential criteria that can be assessed at application stage.
  • You may wish to make comments as and where appropriate to provide reasons for your decision making. All notes must be appropriate and non-judgemental as all notes could be seen by applicants at a later stage. The notes may also be used to provide feedback to applicants if required.
  • If a large number of applicants meet all the essential criteria of the post, then the desirable criteria can be used to help short-list candidates. It is not necessary to use desirables if there are a small number of applicants.
  • If an internal candidate is not short-listed they must be informed and given feedback by the responsible manager before the interviews take place.
  • Recruiting managers will be notified if any applicants wish to be considered under the Disability Confident scheme and if they meet all the essential criteria to be assessed at application stage, they will be guaranteed an interview.
  • If an applicant has not been shortlisted they will receive an email stating that they have not been successful on this occasion.

What to do

Please note, all recruitment forms will be contained in your staff portal.

  • Complete the shortlisting form.
  • Complete the interview information form confirming those short-listed and the interview panel members, together with any additional information, such as:
    • Schedule - times of formal interview, any skills test, and informal interviews - make sure your timetable is realistic and allows for sufficient breaks for the panel to write up notes, etc.
    • Skills test - description of the skills test, and information for candidates, eg, title of presentation and time allowed.
    • Where and whom to report to.
  • Return completed paperwork to the HR recruitment team.
  • Provide feedback to any internal candidates that have not been shortlisted for interview.