• ASKe is currently focussing on research and external projects. As a result, we are sorry we have no academic conferences, including the popular annual Plagiarism event, planned at the present time. However, here is a list of our previous events and related resources.

    Feedback Event: New Perspectives on Feedback
    Date: Thursday 28 June 2012

    Feedback continues to disappoint students in higher education and this seems likely to intensify with the new fees regime. However, improvement in feedback practices remains largely elusive especially in an environment with finite resources. Institutions and their staff are being challenged to find the solution to a complex problem.

    This one day event aims to support those grappling with this problem by bringing together expertise in research, innovative approaches and the student voice in order to generate debate, analysis and ideas to take away. There will be contributions from researchers, the HEA and the NUS.

    It will appeal to leaders with responsibility for driving feedback improvement in institutions, departments and programmes as well as practitioners and student representatives seeking to improve feedback practices.  

    The event will include keynotes, presentations and workshops, and cover:

    • Input on the key messages from research literature
    • New ideas on practice and resources to use 
    • Student perspectives on developing feedback practice
    • Opportunities to ask questions of experts
    • Time and space for participants to share and develop ideas about improving feedback

    The full programme and joining instructions will be sent to registered delegates and hosted here as soon as possible.

    Keynote speakers
    David Nicol, Professor of Higher Education, University of Strathclyde
    Margaret Price, Professor of Learning and Assessment, Oxford Brookes University

    Venue and travel
    We are pleased to host the event at our Wheatley Campus in order to take advantage of the excellent facilities including lecture theatre and workshop rooms in our Postgraduate Centre in the Faculty of Business (/about/findus). We therefore encourage car sharing and planning your travel in good time. Please note details on the registration form regarding car parking and taxis.

    6th Annual Plagiarism Event, in conjunction with the HEA
    Institutional Policies and Procedures for Managing Student Plagiarism
    Date: Thursday 14 June 2012
    Time: 09:45-16:30
    Venue: Postgraduate Centre, Wheatley Campus

    ASKe is delighted to announce its Sixth Plagiarism event will be held in conjunction with the Higher Education Academy (HEA). This one day event will explore current issues and strategies for managing student plagiarism in higher education. It will focus on developing institutional approaches, policies and practice. There will be opportunities to discuss current concerns, share good practice and consider valuable developments.

    Keynote speaker
    Dr Tricia Bertram Gallant,
    Academic Integrity Co-ordinator, University of California, USA
    Step One – Create a Policy. Step Two – Now What Do We Do?
    Dr Bertram Gallant is editor of Creating the Ethical Academy: A Systems Approach to Understanding Misconduct and Empowering Change in Higher Education (2010) and author of Academic Integrity in the Twenty-First Century: A Teaching and Learning Imperative (2008)

    Topics covered

    • Developing institutional approaches and practice
    • Institutional policies and the Plagiarism Reference Tariff
    • Effectively using text-matching software
    • International perspectives

    There will be a range of workshops, as well as a plenary and panel session.

    Do you have any burning questions? We will do our best to ensure your issue is addressed and please note there is a panel session on the day.

    If you wish to showcase your work or have online or printed resources that you wish to display, please let me, Nicola Ranjit, know at

    Who should attend?
    Senior managers, those working in academic registry or quality enhancement areas, student services managers, student support professionals, education developers, academic conduct officers, lecturers, anyone with an interest in student plagiarism.

    Venue and travel
    Taking into account your feedback from last year, we are pleased to host the event at our Wheatley Campus in order to take advantage of the superb facilities including lecture theatre and workshop rooms in our Postgraduate Centre in the Faculty of Business (/about/findus). We therefore encourage car sharing and planning your travel in good time. Please note details on the registration form regarding car parking and taxis.

    See Registration Form link above. We have not increased the fee from last year. We apologise for this manual system but new software will be ready for online registrations next year.

    Feedback from Plagiarism Event 2011
    'I'd like to congratulate you on putting on such a fantastic conference. The atmosphere was really buzzing and good for networking, and I came away with some new ideas and lots of enthusiasm.'
    'Last Thursday's meeting was very enjoyable; we will certainly be reviewing the means by which we educate students about academic integrity.'
    'Please keep running this event.'
    'Stimulating and participative day, many thanks.'

    5th Annual Plagiarism Event
    Institutional Policies and Procedures for Managing Student Plagiarism

    Date: Thursday 9 June 2011
    Time: 09:30-16:30
    Venue: Buckley Building, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane Site
    Topics covered will include:
    • Reviewing and developing institutional policies
    • International perspectives
    • Addressing student diversity
    • Student and staff perceptions of policies and practice
    • Effective use of text matching software
    Who should attend?
    • Senior managers
    • Those working in academic registry or quality enhancement areas
    • Student services managers, student support professionals
    • Educational developers
    • Academic conduct officers
    • Lecturers
    • Anyone with an interest in student plagiarism
    Keynote speakers are:
    Teddi Fishman, Director, International Center for Academic Integrity, USAJanette Ryan, Project Director, Teaching International Students Project, UK
    There will also be a range of workshop sessions both morning and afternoon, as well as networking opportunities and resources.

    Meeting: Institutional Policies and Procedures for Managing Student Plagiarism
    Date: Tuesday, 25 May 2010

    This one day event will explore current issues in dealing with cases of student plagiarism. It will focus on the institutional rather than the pedagogic aspects of student plagiarism, including issues around implementing policies and addressing students’ concerns. There will be opportunities to share good practice and to hear how others have developed procedures in line with the changing demands of higher education.

    Keynote speakers are:

    Robert Behrens, the Independent Adjudicator, Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA)“Learning from Student Plagiarism Complaints”

    Professor Ranald Macdonald FSEDA FHEA NTF, Professor of Academic Development and Head of Strategic Development, Sheffield Hallam University“I’d love to promote a culture of honesty and students’ pride in their work. However……”

    and there will be a choice between three workshop sessions both morning and afternoon as well as a structured networking opportunity.

    The cost of the day including lunch is £45.
    There is an optional informal get-together in central Oxford the evening before.

    Feedback from our Plagiarism event 2009:
    "Fantastic conversations, made some good connections"
    "Content was relevant, excellent and inspiring"
    "I feel like I’m part of a team rather than being on my own"
    "The day far exceeded my expectations"

    "Really useful day, well organised. This reinforced to me how intricate an issue plagiarism is."

    Software to support collaborative learning; groupwork, peer assessment and benchmarking

    Date: 18-21 January 2010
    Venue: Wheatley and Headington

    ASKe, together with colleagues in the university, have been reviewing a piece of software that has been developed at UTS, Australia . It is considered a very powerful piece of software, particularly useful in supporting collaborative learning, groupwork, peer assessment and benchmarking. Colleagues from 4 schools within the university have already agreed to trial the software.

    Dr Keith Willey who has developed the software will visit 18-21 January and colleagues are invited to find out more by attending a presentation on either Monday 18 January, 1100 - 1300, EL15, Wheatley or Wednesday 20 January, 1400 - 1600, G501, Headington.

    Assessment Compact Course Design Incentives (CDIs)
    June 2010

    To support the implementation of the Brookes Assessment Compact OCSLD and ASKe are jointly offering Course Design Intensives (CDIs) to Programme teams in all schools. These are full day events with a half-day follow up event to follow. The schools of Life Sciences and Health and Social Care participated in September 2009 and the schools of Business, Technology, Social Sciences and Law and Health and Social Care are participating in January events. We are planning an event for the School of Arts and Humanities in March and Westminster Institute of Education in June 2010.

    Feedback Symposium: Feedback at a crossroads- where do we go from here?
    Date: 24 - 25 June 2009
    Venue: Weston Manor Hotel, Oxfordshire

    The Fourth Symposium on Social Learning Space: Learning Outside the Square
    Date: Monday, 6 April 2009
    09.20 - 15.55
    Venue: The Reinvention Centre, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane Site

    This one-day event took place on Monday 6 April 2009 at Oxford Brookes University's Gipsy Lane Campus in Headington, Oxford, and showcased the Reinvention Centre space located there.

    The keynote speakers were:

    • Nicki Lee, Academic Director of Swinburne Professional Learning at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
    • Ian Bentley, Emeritus Professor of Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University, UK

    The aim of the Symposium was to explore new and innovative social learning spaces, and this year's theme was 'Learning Outside the Square'. The sub-themes that the symposium addressed were:

    • innovative design: creating new/different teaching and learning opportunities
    • building a learning community (within and beyond the university)
    • the relationship between pedagogy and space
    • virtual social learning spac

    Assessment in the 21st Century: How can we make it better?
    Date: 26 June 2008
    Time: 9.30 – 16.00
    Venue: Royal Society of Arts, London

    On 26th June ASKe hosted an event at the Royal Society of Arts in London—‘Assessment in the 21st Century: How can we make it better?’—for representatives from seven institutions which have collaborated with ASKe in the past. The aim of the event was to foster further collaborative partnerships and to provide a forum for participants to listen to and comment on ASKe’s activities and future plans

    During the course of the day, members of the ASKe directorate outlined the purpose and work of ASKe, as well as giving more detailed introductions to ASKe’s three strands of activity—embedding proven practice, changing assessment practice, and building community. Representatives from the University of Plymouth then spoke about their experiences of working collaboratively with ASKe. The day concluded with sessions on planning to work together, sharing dissemination ideas, and making customised plans.

    As a direct result of this event, ASKe is now working with the University of Bedfordshire and London Metropolitan to promote ASKe’s manifesto on assessment standards.

    Institutional Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism
    Date: 20 May 2008
    Time: 9.00 – 16.00
    Venue: Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane Site

    Tuesday 20 May saw the Second Meeting on ‘Institutional Polices and Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism’ hosted by ASKe at Oxford Brookes University. This one-day event continued the success of last year’s conference with the event booking out well in advance and over 80 delegates attending.

    Those attending were given the opportunity to share experiences on good practice and to discover how others have developed procedures to meet the changing demands of higher education in 2008.

    The day comprised keynote speeches and workshops given by both staff at Oxford Brookes and visiting specialists from a variety of UK institutions. Topics covered included:

    • institutional case studies of approaches to managing plagiarism;
    • the latest information on the capabilities of ‘plagiarism detection tools’;
    • strategies for developing students’ skills as writers and researchers;
    • plagiarism in exams; and
    • supporting and training specialist officers to deal quickly and consistently with cases.”

    The Third Symposium on social Learning Space
    Date: 17 March 2008
    Time: 9.00 – 16.00
    Venue: Wheatley Campus

    Designing Assessment in the 21st Century
    Date: 13 – 15 November 2007
    Time: All Day
    Venue: Weston Manor Hotel

    ASKe hosted a unique event at Weston Manor Hotel, Weston on the Green, Oxfordshire over 3 days.

    The ASKe Assessment Colloquium, ‘Designing Assessment in the 21st Century’, brought 30 national experts on assessment together with the ASKe International Advisory Group (a group of seven world-class experts on assessment from across the globe). This is the first time all of these luminaries have been gathered together in the same place and at the same event.

    The Colloquium involved in-depth discussions with the International Advisory Group on the current state of assessment and the ways in which current practice might be improved. This resulted in a commitment by the whole group to work towards changing a system that all agreed to be broken. The ‘Weston Manor Group’ has now drafted a manifesto for change in relation to assessment standards, which will be offered with a view to stimulating debate across the sector but, more importantly, as a first step towards bringing about necessary amendments to policy and practice.

    Assessment in the 21st Century: a Subject Centre perspective
    Date: 12 September 2007
    Time: 10.00 – 16.00
    Venue: Royal Society of Arts, London

    “ASKe hosted ‘Assessment in the 21st Century: a Subject Centre perspective’ at the Royal Society of Arts on 12 September. We had received a number of requests to work with individual Subject Centres and so had identified a need for an event that offered all Subject Centres the opportunity to meet the ASKe team, hear about our activities to date and our future plans, and explore how they might collaborate with us on a one-to-one basis.

    The day was a great success and was attended by representatives from 22 of the 24 Subject Centres. Themes for the day were an introduction to the purpose and work of ASKe, an outline of initiatives to change assessment practice, building community, and working together and sharing dissemination ideas.

    We hope to have set the stage for more joint activities between ASKe and the Subject Centres and look forward to some productive working relationships!”

    Institutional Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism
    Date: 2 April 2007
    Time: 9.00 – 16.00
    Venue: Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane Site

    'The one-day ‘Institutional Policies and Procedures for Dealing with plagiarism’ conference, hosted by ASKe, took place at Oxford Brookes University on Monday 2 April. It explored current issues in dealing with cases of student plagiarism, focussing on the institutional rather than the pedagogic aspects of student plagiarism.

    The day compromised a mix of keynote speakers (Jude Carroll and Jon Appleton of Oxford Brookes University) and interactive workshops. Topics covered include:

    • the legal dimension, including levels of proof for pursuing a case and the demands for fairness, consistency and transparency in penalty decisions
    • electronic detection and the emerging good practice that helps keep students’ learning at the centre of activity
    • the needs of particular groups such as international students
    • how to develop and manage specialists officers to deal quickly and consistently with cases.

    Approximately 90 delegates from HEIs across the UK attended, including senior managers, academics, those with responsibility for quality assurance, and student support professionals. Feedback from these delegates was highly complimentary.”

    The Second Symposium on Social Learning Space
    Date: 20 March 2007
    Time: 9.00 - 16.00
    Venue: Warwick University

    “This Symposium, jointly hosted by ASKe and the reinvention Centre in conjunction with the Higher Education Academy took place at Warwick University on 20 March 2007.

    The theme for this Symposium was ‘Design for Learning: Learning from Experience.’ Since  all CETLs received an element of capital funding, and many CETLs used these funds for new and diverse developments, the aim of the Symposium was to share experience of creating social learning spaces within universities by pooling insights, discussing problems and disseminating findings.

    The programme for the day was varied and involving, compromising a mixture of keynote speakers, interactive presentations and a panel session. The Symposium attracted some 90 delegates from universities across the UK.

    Colin Gilnore-Merchant of SMC Alsop Architects opened the day with this keynote presentation. Alsop Architects have been responsible for a number of innovative and exciting projects involving a wide range of building types, and they have a track record of creating distinctive public buildings.

    There followed two sets of parallel sessions. The sessions took the form of 45 minute interactive workshops in which the workshop leaders introduced their social learning spaces and then encouraged active participation through discussion and activities. The sessions were wide-ranging, covering technology and IT, design and evaluation of spaces, student engagement, interdisciplinary education and internet café culture.

    All delegates came together again for a panel session, chaired by ASKe Deputy Director, Jude Carroll, followed by a second keynote presentation by Roger Whiteman of RMJM Architects, the company responsible for the ongoing campus redevelopment at Oxford Brookes University.”

    The ‘Redesigning Universities’ Symposium
    Date: 26 January 2006
    Time: 9.00-16.00
    Venue: Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane Site

    “The ‘Redesigning Universities’ Symposium took place on 26 January 2006 at Oxford Brookes University, Gipsey Lane Campus and was jointly hosted by ASKE and the Reinvention Centre. The Symposium explored the idea of social learning space and how we might redesign our universities to make their spaces more effective for student learning.

    Keynote speaker Professor Anja Timm of the University of Lancaster gave an interesting and stimulating address about social learning spaces in Latvia. Further talks were given by Rachel Edwards, Manager of the Learning Grid at Warwick University (an existing social learning space); Marion Temple, Deputy Director of the Reinvention Centre; and ASKe Deputy Director Berry O’Donovan.

    The day ended with a number of discussion groups which examined questions such as:

    • What are the implications of social learning space?
    • How can we change existing spaces?
    • How can we make these spaces work?

    ASKe Launch and Fireworks Party
    Date: 4 November 2005
    Time: All Day
    Venue: Wheatley Campus

    The ASKe Centre for Excellence was launched formally on November 4th, 2005. The day kicked off with a keynote given by Professor Margaret Price on the work and intentions of ASKe that was well attended by academic staff and local employers.  Subsequently in a number of themed workshops employers and academics worked closely together to come up with ways to forge more effective links between higher education and employers.  But it was not all work!  When the sun went down the Wheatley campus at Oxford Brookes lit up with fireworks.  Around 200 first year students, university staff, local employers and their families attended the firework party listening to live music by The Sugar Creek Trio and eating a delicious hot bar-b-que. The event was superbly organised by Absolute Event Solutions a firm set-up by Brookes Business School alumni.