Name Role Contact
Dr Ahmad Abd Rabuh Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Business Analytics
Dr Syahirah Abdul Rahman Senior Lecturer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Dr Omar Abou Hamdan Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management
Dr Mohamad Abou-Foul Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Dr Simon Adderley Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Dr Sola Adesola Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Dr Zaid Alrawadieh Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Operations
Dr Doaa Althalathini Senior Lecturer in Business and Enterprise & Subject Coordinator MSc Business and Management Programmes
Professor Levent Altinay Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Dr Bjoern Asmussen Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Dimitrios Asteriou Research Lead in Economics, Accounting and Finance
Dr Julian Ayeh Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management
Dr Zaneta Azuma-Kotei Lecturer in Accounting
Professor Tatiana Bachkirova Professor of Coaching Psychology
John Bancroft Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
James Bannerman Senior Lecturer
Dr Kuldeep Banwait Principal Lecturer in Marketing
Nigel Bassett-Jones Senior Lecturer
Dr Shelley Beck Senior Lecturer in Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Dr Rebecca Beech Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Anna Cartwright Principal Lecturer in Accounting, Finance and Economics
Dr Indroneel Chatterjee Senior Lecturer
Michele Chiariello Senior Lecturer
Dr Sylwia Ciuk Reader in Organisation Studies
Dr Jackie Clarke Reader in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
Dr Diana Clayton Senior Lecturer ​Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Development, HR
Dr Rosa Codina Senior lecturer in Tourism and Events
Professor Marc Cowling Professor of Economics and Productivity
Junean Cramp Lecturer Business & Management/Enterprise & Entrepreneurship. Module leader, Subject Coordinator BM top up, Academic advisor.
Dr Karen Cripps Senior Lecturer in Responsible Management and Leadership
Dr Penghui Dai Lecturer in Strategic Management
Dr Maria Daskalaki Professor in Organisation Studies
Dr Surja Datta Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation
Professor Mary Davis Professor (Education and Student Experience)
Dr Birgit den Outer Senior Lecturer
Dr Catherine Dilnot Senior Lecturer
Dr Christian Ehrlich Reader in Organisational Behaviour
Dr Sandra Einig Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Dr Samaneh Elmi Lecturer
Dr Nicole Ferdinand Deputy Associate Dean Postgraduate Studies
Dr Fabian Frenzel Reader in Mobility and Organisations
Dr Teng Ge Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Yang Han Lecturer in Business and Management
Professor Peter Harris Emeritus Professor of Accounting
Dr Audrey Harroche Lecturer in Leadership and HRM
Dr Sebastian Herbert Fuchs Research Fellow
Dr Cal Horton Research Fellow
Dr Noman Hossain Chowdhury Senior Lecturer, Analytics and Information Systems
Dr Xu Huang Principal Lecturer and Programme Lead in Business Analytics
Dr Guy Huber Senior Lecturer
Professor Anne Laure Humbert Professor
Carrie Hurter Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Stefanos Ioannou Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Ioanna Iordanou Reader in Human Resource Management
Dr Peter Jackson Senior Lecturer in Adult, Professional and Lifelong Learning
Dr Paul Jackson Principal Lecturer in Information Systems, Analytics and Operations
Dr Jano Jimenez-Barreto Senior Lecturer
Ross Jordan Programme Lead Business & Management, Programme Lead Business, Enterprise, & Entrepreneurship, Academic Advisor for Senior Leader Apprenticeships
Dr Maheshan Kanakaratne Senior Lecturer
Dr Greg Kapuscinski Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr Joanna Karmowska Reader in Strategy and Innovation
Dr Husni Kharouf Reader in Marketing, UG Marketing Programme Lead
Andy Kilmister Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Cathy Knowles Senior Lecturer
Katerina Kosta Lecturer
Dr Sanat Kozhakhmet Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Talent Management
Dr Louisa Lapworth Senior Lecturer Business & Management
Dr Antoine Le Riche Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Sara le Roux Reader in Applied Economics and Decision; Programme Lead in Economics
Helen Liddar Lecturer and Subject Coordinator
Dr Jonathan Louw Principal Lecturer
Professor Peter Lugosi Professor of Culture and Organisation and Research Lead for the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Subject Area
Dr Gabor Lukacs Programme Lead for MSc Programmes (Business and Management)
Dr Claudia Macaveiu Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality and Events
Professor Nicolette Michels Associate Dean Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes
Dr Samantha Miles Reader in Accounting and Finance
Dr Jill Millar Senior Lecturer in Business and Management.
Dr Kate Mingjie Ji Senior Lecturer in Finance and Revenue Management
Dr Sarah-Louise Mitchell Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Joanna Molyn Senior Lecturer in Coaching, Mentoring and Management/Subject Coordinator - Doctorate of Coaching & Mentoring
Dr Javier Monllor Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Dr Adrian Myers Senior Lecturer
Dr Yoko Nagase Senior Lecturer in Economics
Professor Jen Nelles Professor of Systems and Spatial Analysis /Senior Research Fellow Innovation and Research Caucus
Farhad Nikhashemi Senior Lecturer
Dr Nicoletta Occhiocupo Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Operations Management
Professor Berry O'Donovan Professor Assessment and Learning
Giles Orr Head of Business & External Engagement
Dr Rehab Osman Senior Lecturer in Economics, Subject Coordinator of Economics Programmes, PAL Coordinator
Dr Beldina Owalla Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Julia Papworth Lecturer in Coaching and Mentoring
Dr Rocco Porreca Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Professor Sarah Quinton Associate Dean Research & Knowledge Exchange. Reader in Digital Society and Research Area Lead Marketing
Dr Segar Reddy Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Carolina Redolfi Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Kate Ringham Programme Lead Applied Accounting
Dr Robin Robin Senior Lecturer in Marketing (Human-Computer Interaction)
Allison Robinson Senior Lecturer
Dr Giulia Rossetti Senior Lecturer in Events Management
Dr Tzameret Rubin Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management
Professor Nick Rumens Professor in Business and Management
Junaid Shaikh Lecturer
Professor Pritam Singh Emeritus Professor of Economics
Dr Simon Smith Principal Lecturer in Business, Management and Enterprise
Dr Michael Sony Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Dr Konstantinos Spanos Lecturer in Finance/Financial Economics
Professor Laura Spira Emeritus Professor
Dr Yan Sun Senior Lecturer
Dr Khan M.R. Taufique Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Steven Taylor Lecturer in Business and Management
Dr Natthinee Thampanya Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance
Dr Francisco Trincado Munoz Lecturer in Business Analytics
Dr Lauren Tuckerman Senior Lecturer
Dr Charikleia (Charoula) Tzanakou Co-Director of CDPRP and Reader in Human Resource Management
Dr Najam Ul Zia Lecturer in Management
Dr Robert van der Veen Research Fellow
Dr Shirley Velasquez-Hoque Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Professor Tim Vorley Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean
Jeff Waistell Senior Lecturer Global MBA
Dr Kevin Walsh Research Fellow
Dr Hanlin Wang Lecturer in Retail & Omni Channel Marketing
Dr Chengbo Wang Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Dr Rachel Wang Senior Lecturer in Business/Data Analytics
Dr Juanxi Wang Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Nick Wilton Associate Dean, People, Accreditation and Reputation
Dr Brianna Wyatt Senior Lecturer of Tourism and Events Management; Subject Coordinator for PG Hospitality, Tourism and Events programmes
Dr Huan Yang Lecturer in Economics
Dr Maryam Yousefi Nejad Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Nathan Zhang Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise
Dr Jeremy Zwiegelaar Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Business