Oxford Brookes Business School Research

  • The Faculty of Business comprises the Business School's three distinct departments - Accounting, Finance and Economics; Business and Management; Marketing - and the Oxford School of Hospitality Management which specialises in tourism research .

    Research Degrees

    Our research degrees give you the chance to become an expert in your field in one of the most famous cities for learning. We offer PhD/MPhil programmes, which you can study either full-time or part-time and a Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring programme, which is a part-time professional doctorate.

    We welcome applications from a wide range of backgrounds on topics that relate to the research that is already undertaken in the Faculty's departments, as outlined below.

    Research Centres

    We have developed several research centres which bring distinctiveness to the work of the faculty, the programmes we offer and to the wider community.

    We have a strong research culture and support an expanding community of research-active staff and research students, where effective research foci are emerging in a multiplicity of clusters:

    Accounting, Finance and Economics

    The main focus of research within the department of Accounting, Finance and Economics within the Business School is on how accountability is achieved, explored from both theoretical and practical perspectives and encompassing a range of disciplinary and methodological approaches.

    Research in this department is grouped around four clusters, Accounting, Accountability and Responsibility , Applied microeconomics , Applied Macro, Public and Financial Economics , and Development and Environmental Economics .

    Business and Management

    Research within the department of Business and Management brings together corporate strategy, competitive strategy, growth strategies, global business, international trade and foreign direct investment with subjects that focus on leadership, culture, motivation, practices, strategic human resource management and the management of the globalisation process.

    Research in this department is grouped around two clusters: Critical Management Studies and Work Organisation .


    Research areas covered in the department of Marketing include brand management (including brand equity, branded content, brand personality, political branding, brand mapping and place branding), customer engagement and retention strategies, digital marketing strategies, digital economy and social media.

    Research in this department is grouped around three clusters: Brand Strategy , Consumers and Consumption and Digital Marketing .


    The Oxford School of Hospitality Management is ranked No.1 in Europe for hospitality research and No.1 in the world for research productivity (Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research).

    The aim of this department is to conduct rigorous research that advances academics' understanding about the management of hospitality and tourism organisations and destinations nationally and internationally, addresses the needs of organisations and policy makers and informs teaching and learning practices.

    The school has a very supportive and collegiate research culture developing knowledge and skill capacities in hospitality and tourism management with particular focus to the following research areas: International Business Development and Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.