Research Centres

  • Research Centres are approved by the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee

    Oxford Brookes Business School
    Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment
    • Dependable Systems Engineering Centre (approved 04/12/2012)
    • Intelligent Systems Engineering Centre (approved 04/12/2012)
    • Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (approved 25/11/2003)
    • Ethical AI Institute (approved 11/10/2019)
    • Oxford Centre for Research in the Arts (provisional approved 26-11-2019)
    • Centre for Development and Emergency Practice
      (CENDEP) (Founded in 1985, recognised as a formal Research Centre at RKEC on 11-02-2020)

    As at 11/02/2020