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    The art of sword fighting has been practiced for thousands of years and continues today in the modern sport of fencing.  One of only four sports to have been at every Olympic Games since 1896, fencing requires technical ability, timing and discipline as much as physical fitness. 

    The fencing club at Brookes offers the opportunity to learn, train and compete in all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre) with all equipment provided for beginners. Fencers compete in the BUCS league, BUCS indivduals and also have the opportunity to compete in other local and national events.

    Contact the club at fencing@brookes.ac.uk


    The club consists of 2 performance teams; 1 men's and 1 women's who both compete in BUCS competition. We then have a development setup for social members.


    Training takes place in the Fitness Studio at the Centre for Sport in Headington for Semester 1 (Monday 14th September - Sunday 6th December).

    All attendees must pre-register, and complete Brookes Sport's  NHS Test & Trace form

    Day Time Team Requirement
    Tuesday 8:00pm-9:30pm BUCS Performance teams  TEAMBrookes Membership 
    Wednesday 6:00pm-7:45pm BUCS Performance teams TEAMBrookes Membership
    Friday 4:15pm-7:00pm BUCS Performance teams & Social members  TEAMBrookes / Social Membership