• Human Resources Directorate

    Supporting our staff

    The University’s 2020 Strategy provides the framework of mission, values and vision within which HR policies and practice are developed and managed. The link between the strategic framework and HR is clear.

  • Our Mission defines who we are, our Vision what we are aiming for, and our Values how we behave, but our ambitions will only be realised through our people

    Our HR Strategy is designed to ensure that the University is able to recruit and retain a skilled and engaged workforce which is able to deliver competitive advantage in terms of the teaching, research and professional services we require, both now and in the future.

    Alongside this, the University has developed a strategy for enhancing the staff experience and a set of Guiding Principles. Together our aim is to ensure that Brookes is a great place to work with employees fully committed to the University’s objectives and valued for their contribution.