• TEAMBrookes (student-sport programme)

    Whether you are dedicated to your chosen sport, or want to try something new, there are lots of opportunities for students at Oxford Brookes to get involved.

    TEAMBrookes encompasses a three tiered offer to take part in sport;

    1) 'Engage'.  2) 'Compete'.  3) 'Perform'

    As well as offering 'Engage' entry-level sessions for newcomers, our sports clubs 'Compete' and represent Oxford Brookes University at local and national level, whilst also catering to a small number of elite 'Perform' level athletes destined for Olympic or other international honours.

    In the 2021-22 academic year, we have our highest ever recorded number of student-athlete members signed up across our 37 sports clubs, with over 2,100 individual members.  This has been in large part due to sports clubs creating the 'Engage' offer within their clubs to ensure that everybody who wants to take part in a particular sport can do exactly that, and meet others who are a part of a like-minded community.  For those who look to 'Compete' for TEAMBrookes in the national BUCS competition, at the midway point in the season, Oxford Brookes University stands 32nd out of 140+ institutions in the overall national table.

    If you go on to join a sports club, regardless of which tier, you’ll need to buy a TEAMBrookes Membership.  This contributes towards some of the costs associated with the running of the TEAMBrookes student-sport programme and its sports clubs e.g. competition entry, facility hire, transport.