Law and Criminology

When you study with us you’ll examine pressing legal issues facing global societies and how crime impacts the world today. As a law student, you’ll develop an in depth knowledge of the law and the role of law in society. As a criminologist, you can investigate the causes of criminal behaviour and its impact on society. You’ll learn from leading researchers and have opportunities to build knowledge and skills that are attractive to employers.

Top 3 Reasons to study with us


You'll be taught by world class researchers - so your learning will always be underpinned by the latest developments in your field.


As a law student, there are opportunities to attend career enhancing employability events, such as: guest lectures, law fairs, mentorship programmes, pro bono work schemes and mock trials with real judges and legal practitioners.


You can gain practical experience through our Criminology Work Placement module. And you'll gain an excellent foundation from which to pursue a career as a criminology practitioner or in any other field.

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