Reviewer guidance

  • Your role

    As a PDR reviewer, your role is to enable staff to be effective in their jobs and fulfil their personal, professional and career development ambitions. This involves discussing their work with them, their progress in relation to work-related and developmental (personal, professional and career) objectives, giving them feedback, valuing their contributions, encouraging them to learn from their experiences and ensuring that they have the required resources and skills for their benefit and for the benefit of Brookes within a context of continuous improvement.  This is done at an annual PDR (from April to July each year) which is normally supported by regular 1:1 meetings throughout the year.

    Arranging annual PDR meetings

    The annual PDR takes place from April to July each year. 

    Once you have scheduled a meeting with your reviewee(s), send them a link to the annual PDR form one month before their annual PDR meeting and ask them to complete section 1 (their reflections on their progress in relation to their work-related and developmental objectives and proposals for their work and objectives for the coming year) and return it to you 2 weeks before your meeting(s) to give you time to prepare. 

  • For each of your reviewees, consider:

    Please complete section 2 of the annual PDR form to summarise your comments and feedback, identify any additional issues discussed and record agreed work-related and developmental objectives for the coming year.  Also, please capture any training and development needs with a budget implication under question 5 and so that these can be easily found with the annual PDR form when faculties and directorates are making learning and development plans.