Redeployment procedure

  • The Redeployment Committee is comprised of the following members:

    • Alison Cross, Director of Human Resources (Chair)
    • Phil Stuhldreer, Deputy Director of Human Resources
    • Alan Reeve, UCU
    • Judith Piggott, UCU
    • Helen Workman, Director of Learning Resources

    Committee members have trust in the Chairperson’s decisions on their behalf, but if they disagree with any, they let him know.

    The administrative support (mainly email correspondence) for the committee is provided by HR. They also maintain update notes for the committee which are sent to all members. In this way the members are kept informed of progress both on an ongoing basis and monthly with a full resume.


    Link HR teams identify potential redeployees and meet with them to explain the redeployment process, including specifying what, if any, salary protection will apply on acceptance of an opportunity at a lower salary/grade.

    Redeployees complete a summary document to indicate their preferences eg regarding location, working pattern/hours etc

    Redeployees send, preferably by email, their summary document and CV to

    The link HR team discusses any areas requiring clarification.

    HR sends an email to redeployees to confirm their name has been added to the redeployment register.

    The members of the Redeployment Committee are sent a copy of redeployees summary documents and CVs to use when considering whether they may be suitable for particular vacancies.

    A resume of the details of each individual new vacancy is referred by email to Alison Cross, Director of Human Resources, Chair of the Redeployment Committee.

    Alison decides, on behalf of the Committee, whether the post should be held for consideration by any redeployees. That decision is communicated to the HR link team by email.

    An email with details of the job description and person specification is sent to the nominated redeployees by the HR Advisor. A response to the link HR Manager/Advisor is requested, within a week, indicating whether or not they are interested in the post.

    If any redeployees are interested in a vacancy, the HR Manager/Advisor will contact the Faculty/Directorate/department that owns the job. The CV will be emailed to them and they will be asked to make contact with the redeployee to have a further discussion about the post and their potential suitability for it.

    Following the discussion, if the redeployee wishes to be formally considered for the job, an interview will be arranged, at which a representative of Human Resources is required to be present.

    When the interview panel decides not to offer a job to a redeployee because they do not consider them suitable, full written feedback must be supplied. The template for this requires each of the criteria on the person specification for the job to be addressed. The feedback must indicate whether or not the redeployee met the criteria, and if not, why. It must also explain what progress could be expected within a reasonable period of time, with appropriate training.

    The feedback will be submitted to Alison Cross who will consider it on behalf of the committee. If the feedback is accepted as justified, the vacancy will be released for advertising.

    Where redeployees are offered, and accept a vacancy following a successful interview, a start date will be negotiated.

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    Updated July 2014