Bringing pets to the UK

  • Pets coming into the UK are still subject to quarantine regulations to combat rabies. There are various quarantine premises throughout the UK and it would be advisable to visit them before committing your pets to their care. Currently pets are quarantined for six months unless your pet is covered by the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS).

    The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

    This scheme allows pet animals from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet certain rules.

    The scheme only applies to pet cats and dogs (including guide dogs and hearing dogs). It is limited to pets coming into the UK from certain countries and territories. It only operates on certain sea, air and rail routes to England.

    To bring your animal into the UK under PETS from one of the qualifying countries you must carry out the following procedures in the order shown. If your pet is resident in France or Denmark these procedures maybe done in a different order. For more information, please see the pages on bringing your pet into the UK on the website.

    The six month rule

    Your pet may not enter the UK under PETS until six months have passed from the date that your vet took the blood sample which led to a successful test result (see below). Once the vet has signed the PETS certificate and that six month period has passed, the PETS certificate is valid and your pet may enter the UK.

    Have your pet microchipped

    Before any of the other procedures for PETS are carried out, your pet must be fitted with a microchip so that it can be properly identified.

    Have your pet vaccinated

    After the microchip has been fitted your pet must be vaccinated against rabies.

    Arrange a blood test

    After your pet has been vaccinated, it must be blood tested to make sure that the vaccine has given it a satisfactory level of protection against rabies.

    Get a PETS certificate

    Once these steps have been successfully completed, you can get an official PETS certificate from a government authorised vet.

    Before your pet enters the UK, have it treated against ticks and a tapeworm

    Your pet must be treated against ticks and a tapeworm between 24 - 48 hours before it is checked in for the journey to the UK. Any qualified vet can carry out the treatment. The vet must also issue an official certificate of treatment to show that this treatment has been carried out. If you are going abroad on a day trip with your pet, you will have to have this done before you go.

    Sign a declaration of residency

    You will have to sign a declaration that your animal has not been outside any of the PETS qualifying countries in the six months before it enters the UK.

    Arrange for your animal to travel on an approved route

    Your animal must enter the UK from a PETS country travelling on approved route with an approved transport company.