Research Fellow role profile (grade 8)

  • Communication

    • Regularly communicates complex concepts and ideas.
    • Communicates regularly with colleagues in peer communities within and outside the University on research topics.
    • Communicates with research team on current and future research activity requirements.
    • Communicates with academic and administrative colleagues within the University and externally on matters related to the research processes.
    • Contributes as part of the research team to the design and implementation of research methodologies.
    • Submits proposals for research grants.
    • Writes research papers, journal articles and materials for publication.
    • Is expected to lead on/or have significant input to the design and implementation of research activity.
    • Gives presentations, lectures, seminars (internal or external) based on personal scholarship and research; and/or exhibits work at appropriate events.

    Teamwork, motivation and managing people

    • Is team leader for research project teams.
    • Supervises the work of small groups for example research assistants and PhD students.
    • Develops productive and effective working relationships with academic, administrative and research colleagues stakeholders and partners.
    • Coaches and mentors post graduate/PHD students.

    Liaison and networking

    • Liaises as appropriate with external partners, stakeholders and colleagues to facilitate research and funding opportunities.
    • Collaborates formally on research with other Universities and/or external bodies.
    • Presents papers and posters at academic conferences as primary researcher.

    Planning and organising resources

    • Plans research projects including management of financial and other resources.
    • Required to work as team leader on research projects.
    • Responsible for obtaining external funding for research projects and consultancy.

    Teaching and learning support

    • Required to undertake one-off specialist lectures, some formal teaching as part of the curriculum, and/or demonstrations as appropriate.
    • Undertakes PhD and Masters supervision.

    Research and analysis

    • Takes the lead in writing up and disseminating research findings via networks and appropriate publications.
    • Leads a number of research and /or consultancy projects at any one time.
    • Identifies sources of research funding and contributes to the process of securing grants and/or other forms of research funding.
    • Disseminates research findings through publications (books, monographs, articles) and/or other appropriate methods.
    • Produces RAE returnable research or undertakes knowledge transfer consultancy activities.

    Pastoral care

    • Shows general sensitivity when dealing with confidential and data protection issues.
    • Likely to have mentoring/coaching responsibility for PhD students.
    • Has pastoral and welfare responsibility for those supervised and working on research projects.

    Initiative, problem-solving and decision making

    • Responsible for the operational decisions relating to own research projects.
    • Uses specialist knowledge of research area to devise solutions to unpredictable and unexpected research outcomes.
    • Constructs appropriate research strategies for tackling different types of research questions or problems involving a synthesis of prior subject knowledge and experience of different research methods which is then brought to bear on solving novel problems.

    Sensory, physical and emotional demands

    • Uses a range of equipment as appropriate to research activity i.e. anything from laboratory equipment to pcs, to medical equipment.

    Work environment

    • Based in office, teaching rooms, laboratory or in the field.
    • Could be required to wear specialist clothing.
    • Could be required to undertake risk assessment.

    Knowledge and experience

    • Significant and relevant post doctoral experience.
    • Experience of undertaking independent research.
    • Experience of supervising the work of other research staff.

    In addition to the above expectations, to be appointed on Grade 9 salary, it is essential that Research Fellows should be able to demonstrate all of the following as requirements of their role:

    • To have previously held 1 or 2 post Doctoral Research appointments.
    • Accountable for mentoring/coaching and formal supervision of junior research staff.
    • Management of major research projects and/or teams and significant responsibility for income generation.