Senior Academic Promotions Committee

  • Terms of reference and membership

    Summary of purpose

    The University’s procedures for senior academic promotions are designed to provide a means of recognising the outstanding contribution made to the University’s mission by its best academic staff, and the intellectual leadership they provide in research and knowledge exchange, learning and teaching, professional practice and academic leadership.

    Duties and responsibilities

    To determine applications for promotion to Professor level 1 and for subsequent promotions to professorial levels 2, 3 and 4.

    To determine applications for promotion to Reader.

    To determine applications for promotion to Principal Lecturer Student Experience (PLSE).

    To determine nominations for university honorary titles.

    To determine applications for contribution-related salary points from professors, readers and PLSEs.

    To advise the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board on matters relating to the appointment of professors in the University, and other matters that may be referred to it.


    The committee is a committee of the Academic Board with delegated power to act on behalf of the Board in considering individual candidates.

    The decisions of the committee will be reported to the Academic Board.


    The committee consists of three ex officio members:

    • The Vice-Chancellor (as Chair)

    • The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Global Partnerships)

    • The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)

    and up to eight other members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to reflect the subject range across the University.

    The committee will appoint an external member(s) to provide guidance and advice on the appropriate standards for promotion with regard to external practice.

    The Director of Human Resources will be in attendance to advise the committee and to record and implement its decisions.

    The appointed members of the committee serve for a period of three years and are eligible for reappointment.

    The quorum for the committee is six, which must include the Chair and the Pro Vice-Chancellors for Student Experience and Research and Global Partnerships.

    Membership 2020-2021

    Professor Alistair Fitt (chair)Vice-ChancellorEx officio
    Professor Linda KingPro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Global Partnerships)Ex officio
    Professor Anne-Marie Kilday Pro Vice-chancellor (Staff and Student Experience)Ex officio
    Professor Simonetta ManfrediAssociate Dean RKE, Oxford Brookes Business SchoolUntil October 2020
    Professor Rajat GuptaSchool of Architecture, Technology, Design and EnvironmentUntil October 2020
    Professor David NashSchool of History, Philosophy and Culture, Humanities and Social SciencesUntil October 2021
    Professor Jackie PotterHead of Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) and Deputy Director of Human ResourcesUntil October 2021
    Gina DaltonAssociate Dean, Student Experience, Technology, Design and Environment
    Until October 2021
    Professor David EvansAssociate Dean RKE, Health and Life SciencesUntil October 2022
    Professor Cillian RyanPro Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University
    External member until October 2020
    Ruth DaviesDirector of Human ResourcesSecretary to the committee

    Frequency of meetings

    The committee will meet at least once each semester, and may meet more often as required for the timely transaction of business.

    There may be exceptional circumstances in which the PVC/Dean of a faculty wishes to put forward a candidate for consideration for promotion outside the standard cycle of meetings. In such cases, the PVC/Dean and the candidate should submit full case documentation to the Director of Human Resources. The Vice-Chancellor will consult members of the committee on the merits of the case and the same criteria for promotion will apply.