Health and Safety in Halls of Residence

  • OBUHSN-16 Issue 04 April 2009


    1. This Health and Safety Notice should be read and understood by all employees of Oxford Brookes University who have a responsibility concerning any Hall of Residence. This Health and Safety Notice is also applicable to those employees of the University who are living in an Oxford Brookes University Hall of Residence. It should also be read and understood by any students living in a University Hall of Residence.


    1. The Deputy Director (Hospitality Services) is responsible for all aspects of health and safety within the Halls of Residence. This responsibility will normally be delegated to the Hall Manager appointed for each Hall.
    2. Hall Managers have the responsibility for implementing and monitoring health and safety within their Hall of Residence. Additionally they will ensure appropriate training is provided to anyone appointed to a position of responsibility in the Hall.

    Incident management

    1. In the event of a fire, serious accident, crime or other emergency in a Hall of Residence, the persons with on-site responsibility for health and safety will manage the situation in accordance with the Hall’s on-site incident management procedures.

    Health and safety of residents

    1. During semester-time and at other times when the students of Oxford Brookes University are in residence then the Hall Manager or their nominee will:

    Student responsibilities

    1. Students will abide by all of their Hall of Residence’s rules, regulations and safety procedures. Students will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests.


    OBUHSN-16 Appendix 1: Current list of halls of residence owned by Oxford Brookes University

    (As at April 2009)

    • Clive Booth Hall
    • Crescent Hall
    • Harcourt Hill
    • Lady Spencer Churchill Hall
    • Paul Kent Hall
    • Warneford Hall